Boys, keep on singing!

me-2015-kredits_daphne-wassinkWhen speaking of children’s choirs, do we not usually refer to girls? Don’t boys sing? And shouldn’t we be worried that in 25 years from now, there will be no more men left in our choirs?

On July, 23 & 24, Mariette Effing  gave two lectures  about her project Boys, keep on singing! during 11th World Symposium on Choral Music  Barcelona 2017.

Centuries of choral tradition show that boys greatly enjoy singing, but that their participation rate decreases rapidly when girls are admitted. The disappearance of the ‘men only’ mentality plays a major role.

Children develop differently depending on their gender. Boys are more physically present, have more difficulty concentrating and mature later than girls. If boys’ behaviour is repeatedly labelled as negative, they will quickly lose their pleasure in singing. But boys love to sing, and they improve significantly in a stimulating and secure environment.

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